Roman Reigns' WWE SmackDown Attacker Revealed?

It wasn't Sid after all.

Roman Reigns Daniel Bryan SmackDown

The prolonged 'whodunnit' situation taking place on SmackDown which has seen Roman Reigns trying to track down his mystery attacker may have reached its conclusion last night.

After weeks of denials on the part of Daniel Bryan and his lackey Erick Rowan - including the reveal of a Rowan doppelganger as the perpetrator on the previous edition of the show - Roman showed the accused brand new footage which appeared to prove the ex-Bludgeon Bro was on the scene of the initial crime.

In mock rage, Bryan responded by slapping Rowan repeatedly for 'lying' to him, before he marched down to the ring to confront Reigns in person. The planet's saviour vowed that he had nothing to do with the attempted murder, but Roman was having none of it, and caught Bryan with a big spear anyway.

Obviously, there are more twists and turns to come in this angle before the pair's much-rumoured meeting is officially confirmed. Besides which, the smoking gun The Big Dog produced could just as easily have pinned the crime on last week's lookalike. Given Bryan didn't give Rowan the chance of reply, that could prove to be answer. What fun this all is.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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