Ryback & WWE's Mansoor Exchange Heated Tweets

The social media beef nobody saw coming.

Ryback Mansoor

In a case of social media beef few saw coming, Ryback and Mansoor have had a fun little exchange on Twitter.

Completely out of left field, the Big Guy decided to take a shot at Mansoor and proclaim how the current WWE product "f**king sucks".

To be fair, some would agree with Ryback's sentiments on the WWE product of today, but it seems a tad random and a little odd to dig out Mansoor - even going as far as tagging Vince McMahon and Steve Austin.

In response, Mansoor quite brilliantly put out a screenshot of the poll Ryback ran earlier this year. Said poll was asking fans which wrestling promotion they'd like to see the former Intercontinental Champion in, with 72% of people preferring to see the one-time Skip Sheffield retire rather than head to AEW, NXT or IMPACT Wrestling.


Last month saw Ryback state how he'll be returning to the squared circle soon after three years out of action, although it remains to be seen if this will be on the independent scene or whether the powerhouse will end up in one of the bigger promotions out there.


In the meantime, Ryback can be found posting images of Chucky watching people have sex. No, really...

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