Saudi Arabia Suspends Entry Due To Coronavirus - WWE Super ShowDown Affected?

Just when you thought THIS WWE/Saudi show as going to pass without a hitch...

WWE Super ShowDown 2019

Just when you thought WWE's Saudi Arabian shows weren't snakebitten enough, here comes the Coronavirus.

Bloomberg is reporting that the Kingdom has temporarily closed its borders to all guests entering from countries with reported cases of rapidly-spreading infection. On Wednesday, it was stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a person from North Carolina had contracted the Coronavirus COVID-19, meaning that the United States is now on that list.

It has been noted that the person in question caught the virus without travelling to one of the other regions hit by it, making this a potential first sign of it spreading solely within a United States community.


WWE Super ShowDown is set to go down in Riyadh tonight. The good news is that WWE's people are already in Saudi Arabia, meaning the event should at least be able to go down without a hitch, though there's a chance the situation could lead to delays when they attempt to travel back to the USA. This is almost certainly the last thing the promotion wants after their 24-hour hold-up when trying to depart last time around.

Here's hoping it doesn't come to that.

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