Secret Reddit Theory Claims Cesaro Has Debuted In AEW Already (And You Didn't Notice)

Could the Swiss Cyborg already be #AllElite?

Cesaro WWE

With Mark Henry recently teasing that we may soon get a "Cesaro sighting" in AEW, could it actually be that the real-life Claudio Castagnoli has already appeared on AEW programming?

It admittedly sounds a little out there, but Reddit is currently debating whether the Swiss Cyborg has been hiding in plain sight on AEW TV for the past month or more.

Seemingly originating from the En Podd Om Wrestling podcast, this theory suggest that Claudio has been seen in All Elite Wrestling as a masked cameraman. Now, said masked-up cameraman has been visible across AEW content for a few weeks now, and this school of thought believes that at some point the fella will end up being revealed to be Cesaro.


This figure was notably seen during the fantastic CM Punk vs. Dax Harwood match on the 23 March episode of AEW Dynamite, and he can also be spotted as far back as this year's Revolution PPV.

AEW Revolution Cameraman Cesaro Claudio Castagnoli

Clearly the cameraman has a solid frame on him, isn't a stranger to the gym, and could well be a similar height to Claudio Castagnoli, but would AEW really debut the former WWE United States Champion in such a way? And if so, what would be the particular upside of having Castagnoli having opted to hide in front of our eyes? Of course, this could all also just simply be a cautious camera operator keeping themselves covered while the world still deals with a very real pandemic.


It does seem inevitable that the Swiss Superman will turn up in AEW at some point in the future, and it's ultimately up to you whether you believe or not that he's actually already #AllElite and has already been on our screens.

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