Seth Rollins Injured At WWE Clash Of Champions?

Architect having difficulty breathing following match with Owens.

After his match with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens at Clash of Champions, Seth Rollins received a standing ovation from those in attendance at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. What those applauding The Architect's efforts may not be aware of, however, is that Rollins may very well have been injured and in pain as they were showing him their appreciation.

Reports surfaced today via that Rollins was indeed injured last night, specifically during a top rope gutbuster spot. It quoted one source as saying that Rollins was 'definitely' hurt when he got to the back and was treated for something but details are sketchy at present. One report suggested that Rollins was having trouble breathing, which would indicate a possible rib injury.

Rollins managed to finish the match following the spot in question and didn't look in any noticeable discomfort so, hopefully, this is just a minor scare and nothing more. Rollins only recently came back from a serious knee injury suffered in late 2015 and with Raw's roster thin on star power and Finn Balor out for the foreseeable future, WWE won't want Seth to miss any ring time.


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