Shawn Michaels Says Bron Breakker's "Still Got Work Here In NXT To Do"

Shawn Michaels addresses those rumblings of an imminent main roster move for Bron Breakker.

Bron Breakker Shawn Michaels

Having appeared at the Royal Rumble this past weekend, then labelled the main roster his "home now", many have speculated that Bron Breakker is on the cusp of being officially called up from NXT.

Adding further fuel to those rumblings, SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis received a phone call from Breakker on last night's Raw, throwing up the notion that the former NXT Champion is set for a move to the blue brand.

As far as NXT's Shawn Michaels is concerned, though, he believes that Bron still has some work to do in NXT. And if Michaels gets his way, he's keen to keep the second-generation star on Tuesday nights.


Speaking to Tim and Eli on Battleground (as originally picked up on by Fightful) to promote this weekend's NXT Vengeance Day, the Heartbreak Kid stated:

"Well look, he may feel like that's his home, but he's still got work here in NXT to do, whether he likes it or not. Strange enough, that's our job - our job is to lose talent - but he's one that I'm going to have trouble letting him go. I can assure you that there is more left for Bron Breakker here in NXT, one way or another. He's an incredibly talented, very gifted young man. As far as I'm concerned, he's young and, as we say, full of piss and vinegar. If he wants to double-time it, he can certainly do it, but I'm not letting him go that easy."

Of course, as an NXT management figure - both on-screen and off - Shawn Michaels would clearly want to continue to have a huge prospect such as Bron Breakker on his roster. That said, it does very much seem as if Breakker moving to Raw or SmackDown is now on the imminent horizon. And realistically, there isn't all that much more for the Son of Steiner to do under the NXT banner.


At Vengeance Day, Bron teams with Baron Corbin to face either Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes or the LWO's Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde in the final of this year's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Tonight's NXT features Williams & Hayes vs. Del Toro & Wilde to decide which tandem goes on to Sunday's Vengeance Day special.

Away from NXT duties, some have speculated that Bron Breakker may face Dominik Mysterio - the man who eliminated him from the men's Royal Rumble - at WWE Elimination Chamber, before potentially facing Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER at WrestleMania XL. That speculation is based on the news that Breakker's role at the Rumble was originally intended for Brock Lesnar, and Lesnar was then set to have those Mysterio and GUNTHER matches.


All plans for Brock's involvement at the Royal Rumble were cancelled after The Wall Street Journal named Lesnar as being referred to in Janel Grant's lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and others for sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

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