Stalker Arrested At WWE's Paige's Home

A horrible situation unfolded at Paige's home on Sunday.

Paige Retirement Speech Raw

A scary situation unfolded at the home of WWE personality Paige and boyfriend Ronnie Radke yesterday, as a stalker's arrival on their property forced Radke to take action.

Paige tweeted the following on Sunday:-


Paige extrapolated on the situation on Instagram, stating that the unnamed stalker had been sending gifts and flowers to their house for a month prior to showing up. She added that Radke acted quickly, apprehending the assailant until law enforcement arrived, and thanked the police for showing up promptly.

No further details have been disclosed at this time. Fingers crossed there she and Radke are now in a safer position with the stalker taken away.


This horrifying incident comes less than three months after WWE's Sonya Deville suffered a home invasion and attempted kidnapping in Florida. Deville fled the residence when her assailant broke into it with zip ties, duct tape, a knife, and other items, and the suspect now faces life in prison after a quick apprehension. A 12 November court date was set after Deville's stalker pled not guilty to charges of aggravated stalking in the third degree, armed burglary of a dwelling, and armed kidnapping ransom or reward or hostage.

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