Stu Bennett Joins NWA Powerrr Commentary Team

Former Nexus leader set to make debut at Into the Fire PPV.


NWA have confirmed Jim Cornette's replacement on the Powerrr commentary desk, following the veteran's controversial departure last month.

At the close of the latest episode of the YouTube show, NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis revealed former WWE superstar Stu 'Bad News Barrett' Bennett as the new man on the mic.

The ex-Nexus leader will make his broadcast bow on 14 December's Into the Fire PPV.


Cornette quit his role on the NWA announce team after becoming embroiled in a racism storm, following unedited comments made during the sixth episode of the show.

The company released a statement, thanking Cornette for his work:

"Lastly, it’s the final episode of the NWA Powerrr called by analyst and pro wrestling legend Jim Cornette. We thank Jim for his support of the National Wrestling Alliance in Season 1, and his over thirty plus years with the organization. His call of the Rock N Roll Express match is an exemplary display of his many talents, and we wish Jim nothing but the best moving forward."

In the wake of the outroar, Cornette has doubled down on his controversial comments.

Since leaving WWE in 2016, Bennett has largely focused on his acting career, though he has made some wrestling appearances, notably in Lucha Underground and DEFIANT.

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