Ted DiBiase Brings Back Million Dollar Title On WWE NXT

LA Knight and Cameron Grimes will contest the Million Dollar belt at TakeOver: In Your House.

LA Knight Ted DiBiase Cameron Grimes

WWE legend Ted DiBiase brought back his old Million Dollar Championship on last night's episode of NXT, announcing that rivals LA Knight and Cameron Grimes will contest the strap at TakeOver: In Your House on 13 June.

Grimes and Knight have been vying for DiBiase's respect in recent weeks. This led to last night's Priceless Announcement segment, in which the Million Dollar Man featured alongside Grimes and Knight, unveiling the belt in a padded briefcase.

Ted also brought down a gold-painted ladder, confirming Grimes vs. Knight as a ladder match.


The Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast's Andrew Zarian reported last month that WWE was looking at bringing the Million Dollar Championship back. In Your House will be the first time it has been active on WWE television since November 2010, when it was deactivated while Ted DiBiase Jr. was champion.

The title's history goes back to February 1989, when DiBiase Sr. introduced it ostensibly to compensate for his inability to win or buy the WWE Championship. Mostly used as a prop by the Million Dollar Man, the unsanctioned strap was around until February 1992, before being brought back for the DiBiase-managed Steve Austin in 1995.

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