15 Most Ridiculous Items Available On

From sunglasses to stripper hats, the WWE merchandise team is constantly churning out new ways to show your support for your favourite superstars. Over the years a number of their products have been truly memorable; 'Austin 3:16' anyone? In contrast other items have been so bad they could only be described as acts of inhumanity. Shawn Michaels still has nightmares about the time his signature ass-less chaps were sold to WWE fans worldwide. As the WWE's official merchandise website, is home to many of these creations. With just a few clicks you could find a gift for that someone special; you're just as likely to find one for your worst enemy. No matter your needs there is truly something for everyone. Be warned though the range is exhaustive, this is a guide to help you on your way. Some brilliant, most terrible without further ado here are the 15 most ridiculous items available on

15. WWE Superstar Collection: Zack Ryder DVD

!--> Now members of the WWE Universe worldwide can relive that brief period in time when Zack Ryder used a fairly entertaining YouTube show to become popular. Witness the €˜Long Island Iced-Z€™ infamous battles against the completely forgotten team of the Miz and R Truth, or that time when John Cena vs Zack Ryder headlined Monday Night Raw. Honestly some of the matches on this are decent (especially the Christian and Ziggler efforts) and Ryder arguably deserved more from his run, but it€™s hardly a moment in time worthy of a DVD release. Where is the Scotty 2 Hotty superstar collection?

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