The Many Faces Of Triple H - Ranked From Worst To Best

An aristocrat. A degenerate. A legend.

triple h many faces

Triple H has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in professional wrestling. But he didn’t always look destined to become a star.

His early WCW and WWF gimmicks made it look like he was going to be a firmly-entrenched mid-carder throughout his career, he was also proudly old-school, wrestling a style that was far more methodical than his contemporaries, almost to the point of boredom. But he was a student of the game, and formed some friendships with some of the most talented men in the business. He learned from them and evolved, upped his in-ring work, developed a cocky persona and quickly became one of the top stars in the industry.

Hunter has taken on many forms, battled many legendary opponents and changed up his looks across the years to reflect the times. It wasn’t always quite a hit. If you’ve been on-air pretty consistently since 1994, you’re going to have a few clunkers along the way.

From a blue blood to a degenerate to lording over the WWE, here are the many faces of Triple H ranked worst to best.

12. The DX Reunion

shawn michaels triple h dx

As great as a career that Triple H has had, he had an incredibly embarrassing, un-self aware DX reunion in 2006. It was The Spirit Squad of all people who brought the late 30s and early 40s guys back together.

The reformed DX relied on making fun of shirt people and rampant homophobia. Their pranks involved somehow painting WWE’s headquarters with a giant “DX” and dropping s**t on The Spirit Squad. The two also squashed everyone in their path, damaging the careers of many along the way. It was more sad than anything watching these two dads pretend they were still the rebellious youngsters. We knew Hunter was Vince’s son-in-law, so the entire thing was doomed and yet it kept on going.

After some time apart, they re-teamed in 2009 to once again make fun of short people. As both men were now in their 40s it was like a bad joke that they weren’t in on. Michaels and Hunter of 10 years earlier would have been ashamed of what they became.

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