The Misunderstood Genius Of WWE’s Seth Rollins

'The Visionary' is Seth Rollins in his perfect form, but he's the only one that saw it coming.

Seth Rollins

Just days before he took on Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39, Seth 'Freakin' Rollins held a microphone to the Monday Night Raw crowd in Phoenix, Arizona and the audience - with unanimous euphoria - sang his theme song back at him.

'The Visionary' could see clearly, and knew he'd get a huge response, but even he looked a little bit taken aback at just how long he could have kept his choir in tune. The scene mirrored Sami Zayn's emotional return to Montreal before his heroic Elimination Chamber attempt at Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Zayn couldn't get a word in for cheers, knew as much, and milked every last second of available television time out of it. Pushed for minutes before the next commercial on the March 27th Raw, Rollins couldn't be quite as indulgent but the achievement was arguably more significant - Rollins is from Davenport, Iowa rather than Phoenix, Arizona, and he was prepping for a match with internet charlatan plugging bottles of p*ss-juice instead of the longest-reigning World Champion in 35 years.

More than just a room full of people enjoying a sing-song (and for that matter, more than just a room full of people enjoying anything, based on the relative silence in those jam-packed WWE buildings), the response was reflective of a bond between Rollins and the WWE faithful that feels stronger than ever.

The timing couldn't be better.


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