The Misunderstood Genius Of WWE’s Seth Rollins

WWE Stomping Grounds Seth Rollins Baron Corbin

It was a striking moment, not least because Seth Rollins was booked to be the gatekeeper of all that is fundamentally good about WWE against the interloper Logan Paul. "Fundamentally good about WWE" might read as a contradiction in terms, but oddly, the former Shield man has located precisely what that is, and has done so while dressing - in his own words at this point - like a clown.

The man who once had the gaul to use a grimly predictable Stomping Grounds Premium Live Event headliner against Baron Corbin as evidence for WWE being the best wrestling on the planet couldn't have been further away from the one that conducted his choir in Phoenix. The tacky cheerleader of 2019 literally leading cheers - millions of them at this point - in 2023, and seemingly hasn't had to compromise his core beliefs to get there.

If you don't think that's genius on its own terms, you're misunderstood. But many of those that have come to accept his universal babyface appeal are still scratching their heads in bewilderment at a phenomenon that's starting to scan as the musical equivalent of the Yes Movement.

It's so...impressive. And to paraphrase certain doe-eyed fans, how did he do it?


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