The Miz Exclusive Interview: 'Cannonball', Reality TV Roots, WWE Without Crowds & More

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It's safe to say that the streamlined support from parents plays an important factor in anyone's career. Is there any reaction from your parents that you hold in high regard whether it was to something you've accomplished or someone you've met that they thought was really cool?

Miz: Oh, geez, that's a really good question. I said I would be on The Real World and my parents didn't really care until they were on the show. Then it was like, "Oh my god, this is a big deal." My dad's always told me I'm not doing the right stuff in WWE and how I should be more like Kofi Kingston and do more flying up in the air like AJ Styles, so when he was in the ring with Shane McMahon and put up his dukes and became viral on the internet, it was a huge moment for him.

I honestly think it's Miz & Mrs., seeing how we do the show and how hard it is to be in front of a camera. I think they're understanding of my talents and what we do to make a show as successful as it is. They weren't aware of that and didn't realize that until we started shooting it, so I think them being able to be a part of Miz & Mrs. and see how it's done and get a little notoriety from that as well, I think they're really happy with that.

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