The One Thing EVERYONE Is Getting Wrong About Sami Zayn

WWE WrestleMania season belongs to Sami Zayn. The evidence is there...

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Triple H wasn't the best wrestling booker of 2022, despite what many inevitably furious replies underneath the Wrestling Observer awards tweets when they dropped last week.

Nor, in the coldest reality, though, was winner Tony Khan. Rossy Ogawa has earned raves for his work with Stardom, with the promotion earning the most acclaim of any in Japan after a hot streak that's lasted years. Impact - led by company stalwart Scott D'Amore - similarly has delighted its core audience for well over a year now, with most of the big matches disproving the idea that it's been a zombie promotion since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff first killed it. And then, bizarrely, there's Shawn Michaels - a man that's masterminded a growth in business for an NXT brand that's either despised or dismissed out-of-hand depending on how your timeline's curated.

‘The Game’s not nailed everything, but he’s done some really good things since his Father-In-Law resigned in disgrace in July 2022. The Intercontinental Championship is in rude health, as is the WWE career of Gunther as a result. The Judgment Day's four members will have three singles matches at WrestleMania, which is two more than Dolph Ziggler has ever had. And if The Bloodline wasn't all his own work, he deserves credit for letting the players play and ensuring that the plot has thickened at the right time.

It won't have escaped your attention that it's WrestleMania season, and the plot is now so thick that it can be dished out across Mondays and Fridays with equal and fascinating consequence.

This is categorically the right time. Why then, are some arguing things have gone wrong?



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