The One WCW Gimmick Too Offensive For Eric Bischoff

In which Mr. Controversy Creates Cash pumps the brakes on a most horrendous idea.

eric bischoff

To know Eric Bischoff's mantra is to understand why he'll go down as one of the most divisive figures in wrestling history.

From his time as a WCW on-air personality, producer, and Executive Vice President, to the often polemical podcaster he is today, the phrase "controversy creates cash" has always informed Bischoff's public persona. For better or worse, stirring the pot made him, and if it weren't for this philosophy, there's a chance you may never have even heard the name "Eric Bischoff."

That the guy gets people talking is undeniable. Sometimes, the controversy-first approach makes 'Eazy E' look like a genius. He was one of the minds behind the Monday Night Wars' definitive stable, the New World Order, around which WCW's programming was built during its most prosperous and profitable period. His on-air persona helped pioneer the heel authority figure role too before Mr. McMahon perfected it, too.

But as pivotal as Eric was in devising the nWo, he must also be held culpable for the farce the stable would eventually become. Offering bloated guaranteed contracts to ageing stars hastened WCW's slide to financial ruin. Spoiling WWE's pretaped Raw shows live on Nitro backfired when close to 100,000 viewers changed the channel to watch a Mick Foley title victory called by Bischoff. The list goes on.

These examples paint a picture of a man willing to do anything to gain even an incremental advantage over the competition.

Almost anything, that is. Even Eric Bischoff has a line...



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