The REAL Reason WWE Have Scrapped Daniel Bryan Vs. Roman Reigns

Bryan and Reigns WON'T be wrestling at SummerSlam after all.

Daniel Bryan Roman Reigns Scrapped

Last week saw the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer report that Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns was on WWE's tentative SummerSlam 2019 card, though the company were yet to officially announce anything.

This week, the same source is reporting that the bout is off.

Speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said that WWE's current plans have neither Reigns nor Bryan wrestling on the pay-per-view, though he imagines both will be involved in the show in some shape or form. He notes that an angle continuing the ongoing whodunit saga would make the most sense.


Meltzer notes that this "may lead to something on the following pay-per-view," and speculates that WWE "lost their timing on it and now, it's not ready for SummerSlam," which would make sense, given that all of this has unfolded in less than two weeks.

In addition, a prior WOR episode saw Meltzer confirm that WWE have scrapped Bryan's "career-altering announcement" angle. Textbook.


As well as a singles match with Bryan, Reigns has also been linked to SummerSlam bouts with Rowan and Buddy Murphy, as well as a tag pitting him and Samoa Joe against Bryan and Rowan.

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