The Rock: Cody Rhodes "F**ked Around And Found Out"

After THAT slap, The Rock continues to take shots at Cody Rhodes.

The Rock Cody Rhodes

As the fallout of the WrestleMania XL Kickoff press conference rumbles on and WWE pushes forward on the Road to WrestleMania, The Rock has continued to stir the pot where it pertains to Cody Rhodes.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the Great One stated how Cody "f**ked around and he found out quick what happens when you talk about our family with disrespect" - and obviously included the #codycrybabies.

The full Insta post reads:

I was born into this crazy world and I love every second of it.

It’s been decades since pro wrestling has been buzzing like this for WRESTLEMANIA and this has become rare air that we’re all breathing, and it’s very f**king cool & exciting for us, as wrestlers, our company and most importantly - all our fans.

Your hero f**ked around and he found out quick what happens when you talk about our family with disrespect.Lines crossed and blurred - bring it.

We don’t toe the mark for no one.Road to Wrestlemania begins…~ people’s champ ♟️🎤🥃#longgamer #codycrybabies #killersinthejungle

While Cody Rhodes is, at present, set to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania XL, who knows what could happen between now and 'Mania.


Where The Rock is concerned, there's been obvious heavy speculation - and a huge tease during last night's Super Bowl - that we will at some point see a Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins vs. The Rock & Roman Reigns tag bout, likely at WrestleMania XL Night 1. Of course, Cody vs. Roman would then headline Night 2, and Rollins would defend his World Heavyweight Title on that second night, with the Visionary due to face the winner of the men's Elimination Chamber match.

Given the lay of the land and the phrases used by both men so far, others are hoping that a power of struggle of sorts will lead to one final match between The Rock and Triple H. On that front, Triple H's previous heart issues put a stop to any such plans. That said, the Game could easily choose a surrogate wrestler to represent him and step in the ring with Rocky at some point.

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