The Rock WWE Quiz: You’ll Never 100%

Prove that you’re no jabroni, with this Rock quiz even the Great One himself would struggle with.

The Rock WWE Funny Face

Man, don’t you just miss having The Rock on your TV each and every week?

Not to make present-day WWE Raw even more unbearable, but let’s remember when the company’s Monday night flagship was can’t-miss, must-watch television. And so often, it was the presence of the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment – now All Entertainment – that helped make Raw the buzzworthy show that it was.

So popular was the former Rocky Maivia, he’d even end up with a show – SmackDown – named directly after one of his most famous catchphrases, and this is a first ballot Hall of Famer-in-waiting who influenced the wrestling business so much during the industry’s hottest ever boom period.

They really don’t make them like The Rock, as shown by the drive, determination and damn entertaining charisma Dwayne Johnson has used to these days make him one of the most successful, bankable movie stars on the planet.

Back to his wrestling days, then, and it’s time to prove that you’re no jabroni, with this Rock quiz that even the Great One himself would struggle on. If You Smeeeeeeeeeell, etc, etc…

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Moniker The Rock Previously Wrestled As?


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