The WWE/AEW Age Divide - What It Actually Means


Ignore their placement on Wednesday Nights, or even what NXT reflects as a byproduct of WWE at large. AEW, if not a threat, are a viable and functioning alternative to Vince McMahon's wrestling empire, and that makes for an awful lot of a fun and an awful lot more wrestlers having jobs, but an awful lot of awful discourse.

The "war" is one to be enjoyed as the companies attempt to compete by serving up the best possible shows for wrestling fans. Every saccharine WWE documentary about the Monday Night Wars ended the same way - the fans had a f*cking blast. Here, the worst corners of both sides are so blinded by bias that they're forgetting to enjoy a minimum of two great wrestling shows a week.

Comparing Dynamite to NXT has been done to death, and only feeds into an unfair narrative that it's even an entirely fair fight. AEW's flagship is their biggest stage, far bigger than the quasi-developmental mishmash on the other side, but comparing the booking of Dynamite and Raw is - and Cody will like this one - back to the old days of ice cream and horse manure. One's a tight wrestling show with goals and destinations, the other hasn't been one of those for about 20 years.

And that timescale is everything.


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