This Match SAVED Kurt Angle's Wrestling Career

WWE legend Kurt Angle was ready to retire before working this special match.

kurt angle bobby lashley

Kurt Angle has revealed, via his podcast, that a 2015 match vs. Bobby Lashley in TNA saved his pro wrestling career.

The WWE Hall Of Famer was thinking about retiring before lacing up his boots and working opposite Lashley on a special IMPACT taping in London, England. The match was actually taped on 31 January that year, but it didn't air on TV until 20 March (which is quite the tape delay!).

Angle won the old TNA World Heavyweight Title that night, but there was something bigger at stake behind the scenes: Kurt wasn't sure if he was physically able to hang with the best any longer, and he was seriously thinking about calling time on his unbelievable career.


Then, one match changed everything.

The ex-Olympian was proud of himself for gutting it out and showing that he could still go with younger workers who were in their prime. He decided to call off retirement plans, and eventually made his way back to WWE for a few more matches.


Angle did retire following a loss to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. He hasn't wrestled since 2019, and says he has no plans to.

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