This Star Was Due To Win A Title Prior To Recent WWE Release

Prior to their recent release, this star was to win some WWE gold.

Mustafa Ali Dominik Mysterio

Prior to his recent WWE release, Mustafa Ali was scheduled to win his first piece of gold with the company.

Per Fightful Select, Ali was set to win the NXT North American Championship at this past weekend's No Mercy PLE.


Mustafa was originally announced to face Dominik Mysterio for the North American Title at that event, before Ali was part of WWE's 21 September round of releases. In his place, Trick Williams took on Dirty Dom to become the new North American Champion.

This follows reports that NXT officials were left frustrated by some of these releases, with Mustafa Ali being someone who the brand was particularly disappointed to see let go.


This new Fightful story notes how NXT had tentative creative plans in place for Ali through until March 2024. In the immediate future, those plans included the 37-year-old costing Dragon Lee his match against Mysterio on the 25 September episode of WWE Raw, which in turn would've set up Mysterio vs. Lee vs. Ali in a triple-threat North American Title bout at No Mercy; a triple-threat where Ali would've been the victor.

Due to being under a main roster contract, Mustafa Ali is currently serving out a 90-day non-compete period.

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