This Week in WWE: AJ Lee Takes Crazy To A New Level

Here is a look at the best and some of the worse stuff from the past week of WWE.

AJ takes the crazy to a new level as she plants Kane with a giant kiss and Dolph Ziggler shines in the ring again as he wins a fatal four way elimination match to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Here is a look at the best and some of the worse stuff from the past week of WWE. Superstar of the week: AJ For her natural comic timing and continued excellence in translating her twisted persona AJ has been chosen as the superstar of the week for the second running. On this week's Raw, the Diva confronted the three men in her life by insisting that behind the dark exterior she knows Kane really has a heart, that she would never forget her first love Daniel Bryan and that CM Punk was the coolest guy she had ever met effectively evoking the sweet, intoxicating naivety that has been able to cast certain superstars under her spell. After being forced to tag with CM Punk and compete against Kane and Bryan, AJ then stole the show when she was accidentally tagged into the match and proceeded to charm Kane with her smile, skip around him in circles, jump up into his arms and give Glen Jacobs one of the greatest paydays of his career as she planted him with a kiss that seemed to last an eternity. The lengthy sequence was timed to perfection to make the moment appear as uncomfortable and surreal as possible and to again raise the important dramatic question as to whether or not she would really go through with such a extended kiss unless her character had some genuine feelings for the monster. On Smackdown, Kane then attempted to carry an unconscious AJ to safety only for Punk to stop him in his tracks. Kane then downed both Bryan and Punk inside the ring which caused a recovered AJ to literally crumble to her knees in admiration up on the ramp. Whilst a set-up for Bryan to win the Championship still appears to be the likeliest option it might be more intriguing if during the plan to psychologically crack his rivals, AJ has genuinely fallen for Kane and thus winds up helping the wrong man win the gold at the No Way Out PPV. This is a good example of where a swerve could work because of the unpredictable nature of the character. Click "next" below to read the next part...

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