This WWE Star "Couldn't Sleep" After NXT TakeOver 36

Nobody can blame this WWE wrestler for struggling to nod off after NXT TakeOver.

Ilja Dragunov NXT UK Champion

Ilja Dragunov somehow made it back to his hotel room in one piece following a blistering battle with Walter at NXT TakeOver 36.

Both men walloped the living sh*te out of one another, but they produced one of the best WWE matches in living memory by doing do. Afterwards, as Ilja explained to Metro, the new NXT UK Champion had a difficult time getting to sleep.

Pain was one reason, of course. Dragunov's chest and neck were covered in blisters and bruises from Walter's fearsome chops, but the new champ had another reason for struggling to kip. Basically, he was running high on adrenaline...and he wanted to check out all the response to his bout online.


Nobody can blame the guy for that - he'd just worked a marvel.

Ilja just knew that the reaction on Twitter would be positive, and it was. So, he nursed his body (which, let's be honest, had to be screaming with pain) and caught up on all the good vibes. It was hours before his brain was able to shut off enough to get a little sleep.


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