Toni Storm Reveals WWE's Original Plan For THAT Pie Angle

WWE initially had something else very different in mind for Toni Storm on SmackDown.

Charlotte Flair Toni Storm

Charlotte Flair slammed a pie in Toni Storm's face on the 26 November episode of SmackDown.

According to Toni on AEW's Unrestricted podcast, that wasn't WWE's original plan. Creative had something else in mind entirely - they wanted Flair to rip Storm's shirt off and leave her "embarrassed in her underwear".

Toni told AEW's pod that she wasn't against doing the angle because of its sexual nature, but she did think it was a "terrible, terrible idea". Others apparently agreed with her, and plans changed to that equally-as-dreadful "2 Pies Toni" gimmick the day of SmackDown.


WWE writers called Storm up to ask if she'd be uncomfortable with being stripped to her bra. She wasn't, and said she actually finds it "hilarious" that wrestling fans think she's "so mad" about the way she was presented on WWE television.

Being succinct, Toni isn't. She wasn't back then either.


Storm knew enough about WWE's system to realise that picking your battles is/was important. She described the pie as "a sweet treat" compared to the original idea. That, she says, wouldn't have achieved a damn thing 'cause she's not embarrassed by her body.

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