Translation Of Rusev's Yelling At WWE Payback

Did he actually quit?

Rusev lost to John Cena in the "I Quit" match at Payback. It was a controversial finish since the whole point of the match is for one of the competitors to actually say "I Quit", yet Rusev never said it. Instead, he started ranting in Bulgarian and his manager Lana went in the ring to quit for him. According to Reddit user named addictedsc2, here's the translation of Rusev's ranting at the end of the match:

"Ahhh no...ahhh I give up! Next time we will crush you! I give up! Stop! I told you! I'll crush you Cena! Damn your old mother, Cena! I will crush you! That's enough, I told you!"
When reading that, Rusev didn't specifically say that he quit. He did say that he gave up and that he felt it was enough, so that's why Lana went in the ring to quit for him. Earlier in the match, Rusev yelled at Lana and told her to sit down in a chair. Here's what he said in that instance:
"This way! Get up from there! Get over here, this is where you will sit. Just don't let me hear you!"
The story was followed up on Raw with Rusev blaming Lana for the loss and then saying he didn't need her anymore. Later in the show, she went up to Dolph Ziggler and kissed him on the lips much to the crowd's delight. That caused Rusev to come out, so Ziggler dropped him with his Zig Zag finisher to knock him down.
It appears like the Rusev/Lana on screen split is going to stay. They could do something where they say Lana is trying to lure Ziggler into liking her and then Rusev will attack Ziggler because it was all a ploy, which could lead to Lana reuniting with Rusev. However, with reports of Vince McMahon wanting to push her as a singles star it appears as though the split will stay. What's interesting is that Rusev and Lana have been dating in real life for a couple of years. They live together in Nashville after recently buying a house there. When they travel to WWE events, they will likely still travel together and that will probably confuse some fans at the airports and arenas, but that's just how the business goes sometimes. Hopefully the on-screen breakup leads to good things for both characters although losing Lana as a manager may really hurt Rusev's future. The pair worked so well together.

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