Is Triple H Mad At Kurt Angle Over WWE Return Attempt?

Angle reportedly went over Triple H's head to talk to Vince McMahon.

Kurt Angle's TNA contract may expire next month but a move to the WWE is no guarantee, especially while he's on Triple H's bad side. Wrestlezone is reporting that Kurt Angle spoke with Triple H about a possible WWE return and was told that WWE wasn't interested in bringing him back yet. After the rejection Angle made an attempt to deal with Vince McMahon directly, who told Angle that Triple H was the person to speak to. The situation didn't make Triple H happy as Angle tried to go over his head after being rejected. It was said that Angle's former dependency issues didn't help his case, especially with the straight-laced Triple H. In a recent interview with Mark Madden, Angle said he believes the door is always open but he's not allowed to speak to anyone else due to his contractual obligations. If Angle did speak with Triple H and Vince McMahon it could be seen as a breach of contract by him. Despite this he will likely receive major interest from several promotions worldwide when he becomes a free agent. Angle has been with TNA since 2006 after asking for his WWE release. Angle refused to go to company sponsored rehab, something he has since done while in TNA. He's currently serving as an authority figure for TNA while he heals up from from knee surgery.
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