Triple H Says WWE Star "Has Potential To Be One Of The Biggest" Ever

WWE creative boss Triple H calls young star "smart" and says the sky's the limit.

Austin Theory

Triple H is very high on Austin Theory.

'The Game' told ESPN that Theory is "smart" and "has all the potential to be one of the biggest stars in the business" if he continues his recent trajectory. Austin has reportedly impressed many behind the scenes in WWE by knuckling down and working hard, and Trips reckons that'll stand him in good stead long-term.

One of the biggest upsides Hunter sees in Theory is that "he adapts his game on a regular basis". That "nuanced feeling" leads the creative chief to believe that the reigning United States Champion will someday fulfil his obvious potential and stand out from the rest of the pack.



Triple H also commented on his decision to give Theory back his first name. On that, H said it was "weird" to hear him being announced by just one name. He's also not sure WWE should be patronising audiences by thinking they can't differentiate between Austin Theory and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.


Some may laugh at that, but there was talk that Steve's return to the mix played a part in WWE deleting Theory's forename in the first place.

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