Triple H WWE Quiz: You’ll Never Get 100%

It’s time to play The Game with the Hardest Triple H quiz on the internet!

Triple H

Back when he first burst onto the scene as WCW’s Terror Risin’ all those years ago, few could’ve imagined just how far Paul Levesque would come over the course of his wrasslin’ career both inside and outside of the squared-circle.

Within those three decades in the industry, the Blueblood-turned-Degenerate managed to climb to the top of the mountain, win all of the gold (albeit through sometimes nefarious means), and then even become the very thing he railed against for so long: The Authority. Perhaps forging a legacy more important than the one he did between the ropes, though, by donning a suit away from the ring Trips’ has become the driving force behind WWE’s developmental brand and the man arguably most responsible for the company’s future.

So with this much storied history as The King of Kings, Cerebral Assassin, and the person who dreamed up an “imaginary war” on Wednesday nights, it would take a true fan of the NXT titan to come out of this quiz with a 100% score.

Think you’re up to the task? Then it’s time to play The Game with the Hardest Triple H quiz on the internet that you'll never 100%.

1. In Which Year Did Triple H's WWE Career Start?


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