Trish Stratus Teases "Appealing" WWE Return

WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus is teasing a return match against someone special.

Trish Stratus

WWE legend Trish Stratus has finally responded to Sasha Banks.

Banks recently claimed that the Hall Of Famer is dodging her, and challenged Trish to make a grand return to the company for one more match. That seemed unlikely, but Stratus has since told VIBE 105.5 FM in Toronto that she'd "love" to wrestle Sasha someday.

The women's wrestling trailblazer certainly isn't ruling it out.


Trish put Banks over big time on the radio by calling her a "fantastic athlete" and said she has "elevated women in the industry" for years. Then, she revealed that she'd be right up for making a WWE comeback just to shut Sasha's mouth because they have "unfinished business".

The latter parts of Stratus' comments were almost in-character, so there's a chance discussions are well underway; either that or she's just playing along with Sasha and toying with fans.


Trish last wrestled opposite Charlotte Flair back at SummerSlam 2019. She considered herself retired from the ring after that pay-per-view blockbuster, but is now refusing to knock back the chance of yet another return. If it happens, then Banks is at the top of her hit-list.

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