Update On Sasha Banks And Naomi WWE Return

Dave Meltzer: "Everybody seems to think that they're in, it's just a question of which week."

Sasha Banks Naomi

Sasha Banks And Naomi's return to WWE looks to be all but confirmed.

The former Women's Tag Team Champions haven't been seen on WWE TV since walking out on Raw back in May, a decision reportedly prompted by some questionable creative plans for the duo. And while it once looked as though the team were on the verge of departing WWE altogether in the wake of their high-profile Monday Night exit, it now seems like only a matter of time before the two former SmackDown Women's Champions return to the main roster.

And with many outlets reporting that Banks and Naomi have now reached an agreement to make their long-awaited comeback to WWE TV on the back of Triple H stepping into the role of head of creative, Dave Meltzer has now provided another update on the intriguing situation via the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast.


As the Wrestling Observer Newsletter man would note, the folks in the know seem to believe the former tag champs are well and truly back. And in Meltzer's words, "It's just a question of which week they want to debut them."

Going further when discussing precisely when the superstars could make their presence known on the product again, Meltzer would add (H/T WrestlingNews.co):

"So since they are not in the tournament, I'm guessing that it's gonna be the finals of the tournament or right after the finals that they show up. That's kind of how I'm reading it now. I guess they just felt it wasn't good to put them in the tournament itself. I think that they want to stagger these new [and returning] people coming in. Sasha and Naomi are obviously the biggest ones they can bring in, so you don't need to do it in week one. Everybody seems to think that they're in, it's just a question of which week."

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