Vince McMahon "Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down" In WWE

He might be 76 years old, but Vince McMahon is as hands-on as ever in WWE...

Vince McMahon

76 years old he may be, but Vince McMahon isn't showing any signs of slowing down behind the scenes (or on camera, for that matter) in WWE.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Something To Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard stated that he can see McMahon holding his position atop WWE for another 25-30 years (h/t POST Wrestling):-

"Yes [I always felt like Vince McMahon would continue running WWE past the early 2000s]. Absolutely. Yeah, I can’t imagine him not doing it and I am sure that he will continue to do it probably for the next 25-to-30 years."

Prichard, who currently serves as WWE's executive director of Raw and SmackDown, continued, stating that it was difficult to imagine a WWE without Vince, who isn't showing any signs of slowing down at all:-

"His mom’s 101 and still going so, you know, he shows no signs of slowing down at all and he’s a freak of nature and it’s hard to imagine it without him and I don’t think that we’ll have to imagine it without him for a long, long time."

WWE president and chief revenue officer Nick Khan said similar during an April 2021 appearance on The Colin Cowherd Podcast, adding that one of the reasons McMahon had never sold WWE was because he'd have nothing else to do with his time.

On top of his myriad responsibilities behind the scenes, Vince currently occupies an on-screen role on Monday Night Raw, attempting to inspire hand-picked protégé Austin Theory to greater success through a series of oft-bewildering backstage segments.

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