Vince McMahon Reportedly Ignored Pleas NOT To Break Up WWE's Hurt Business

Some backstage didn't want WWE's boss to break up The Hurt Business, but he wouldn't listen.

The Hurt Business

Vince McMahon's decision to break up The Hurt Business has been described as a "blow to morale".

Fightful are reporting that the WWE chief ignored pleas from MVP, Bobby Lashley and others - McMahon had made up his mind that the well-received quartet should be cut in half, and he wouldn't budge on the group's Raw split last week. Few others behind the scenes thought it was a good idea to remove Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander from THB, but Vince had final say and would not shift his plans.

This week, Lashley beat Alexander one-on-one (the WWE Champ toppled Shelton on last week's show) before laying waste to Benjamin too. Meanwhile, on guest commentary, MVP badmouthed his old charges for showing disrespect towards the "All Mighty".


It's interesting to learn that McMahon wouldn't listen to his reigning WWE Champion or a tenured worker like MVP. The boss must feel that both men are better off as a double act rather than sharing screen time with Cedric or Shelton.

WWE's booking was met with a frosty response on social media. Even Batista ranted and raved about the decision on Twitter, calling it "#BadForBusiness".

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