Vince Russo: 10 Dream Feuds I Would Have Booked

Russo plays booker for ten dream feuds.

Bray Wyatt Mick Foley Every wrestling fan who I've ever crossed paths with over my last 23 years in the business all have one thing in common - they want to be a booker. For me? I was one of the lucky ones. I had the privilege of actually having the ABILITY to see many of the feuds that my heart desired to see; they actually came to fruition while I was working in the business. However, there were some that got away. Either the two athletes I would have loved to see ground and pound it out weren€™t with the same company at the same time, or, as there are in two cases on my wish list, I never even had the opportunity to work with the superstar I would have placed in one of my dream feuds. Either way - it€™s never too late - not in professional wrestling - so here goes:

10. A.J. Styles Vs Rey Mysterio

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with Rey at WCW, even though it wasn€™t for a long period of time. Very few remember this, but, on my first day at the job at WCW, I actually put the World Tag Team Titles on Rey and Konan. AJ? Luckily for me, not only did I have the chance to work with Mr. Styles for over a decade, but if you can remember far enough - I also had the opportunity to manage him very early on in his career. Now, when I€™m thinking out these €œDream Feuds€, in my mind both superstars are in their prime, and at the top of their game - that€™s how I see it. In this encounter, I just envision as Dusty would say, €œA FLIP, FLOP and FLYIN€™ X-TRAVAGANZA!!! I€™m talking old school X-Division match style: non-stop action, with high-flying moves that you didn€™t even know existed before. In this case, even though from a stamina level I think Rey would have the edge to maybe outlast A.J., in the end I just think that A.J.€™s power and strength would eventually ground Mysterio€™s death-defying and high-flying arsenal. That€™s why I€™m putting . . . A.J. OVER.

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