Vince Russo: 10 Dream Feuds I Would Have Booked

9. Chyna Vs Awesome Kong

WOW! Just typing that out gives me goose bumps. Could you imagine what would have happened if these two icons of women€™s wrestling were booked in a match smack in the prime of their career? How would you even book this? Well, I€™ll tell you... Having worked with both, I can tell you first hand as an absolute shoot, both of these ring legends possess the same strength as many of the male athletes I worked with over the years. How do I know that? Well, for starters, I was the one who actually pulled Kong off of shock-jock €œBubba the Love Sponge€, when she almost ripped off his head and ate him for lunch backstage at a TNA taping. I €œphysically€ felt Kong€™s power and know for a FACT that she could have knocked your truly into never-never land had she decided to do so. And, Chyna? I€™ve never come across a female competitor IN MY LIFE, who worked out as much as Joanie Lauer did. Not only was it her job, but, it was also her passion. In all the years I worked with Joanie, being that she is such a kind individual, I really never saw her get hot - not once. But, I€™d be lying if I said I wouldn€™t have loved to. Man, this would be a tough contest no doubt, but for as quick, powerful and athletic Chyna was, all Kong would need to do is catch her that ONE TIME. In my dream matchup would she? The answer is YES! AWESOME KONG OVER.

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