Vince Russo's 10 Biggest “What If” Moments In WWE History

Vince Russo looks at how the industry would be different if certain things didn't happen...

What if certain moments in the history of sports-entertainment had gone another way? If one fork in the road was taken instead of the other, how would the professional wrestling industry as a whole been affected? I€™ve read a few blogs on this very topic€”not many€”but, those I have come across just don€™t have too much €œmeat on the bone€ to be honest. Maybe that€™s due to the fact that being a part of the wrestling business for the past 23 years, I know of certain instances that took place €œbehind the curtain€ that could have had a dramatic affect on the entire history had they gone another way. Today, we are going to examine those €œinstances€, and dive deeply into what would have, could have and maybe even SHOULD HAVE happened when it came to certain crucial points in our beloved world of sports-entertainment/professional wrestling.

10. What If Bill Goldberg Would Have Become A Full-Fledged Heel In His Late WCW Run?

When Ed Ferrara and myself arrived at the scene at WCW in October 1999, it was at a point where Bill Goldberg had accomplished perhaps everything he ever could as a babyface for the company. Prior to us arriving on the scene, Goldberg had a monumental run with the company, even iconic, when it came to an unbeaten streak that is still talked about to this very day. As WCW€™s lead babyface, Goldberg was over huge, as the combination of his talent and his push really didn€™t leave too much on the table. As a matter of fact at the time, I think it€™s far to say that Goldberg was just as over---if not even more---then WWE€™s €œStone Cold€ Steve Austin and €œThe Rock€. However, by the time we arrived with our pencil and paper, Goldberg€™s streak was long gone, and his popularity as a babyface was dwindling. To his defense, none of that was his fault, with the monumental climb of his success for all those years---there wasn€™t any room to advance any higher. Again, in getting back to Austin and €œThe Rock€, you have to take into consideration that Goldberg was never presented as a €œmulti-dimensional€ talent. He didn€™t have the €œacting chops€ of the mentioned WWE Superstars, when push came to shove€”GOLDBERG WAS A KILLING MACHINE. Therefore in an attempt to prolong his popularity, once I was teamed with Eric Bischoff on a creative level€”we both made the decision to turn Bill Goldberg heel. Only problem was that Goldberg disagreed with our decision and never embraced the change. So the question remains, what would have happened if Goldberg married the idea of becoming a full-fledged heel€ Even though we will never know the answer to that question, I am convinced that he COULD have been just as over as when he was a babyface, and given his character new meaning and life. However, just for the record, to this day I know that Bill thinks differently.
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