Vince Russo's 10 Reasons WWE Will Never Be Great Again

Russo shows McMahon the errors of Raw and Smackdown.

It€™s ironic that I was asked to write this week€™s column on this particular topic. As the weeks pass, and I continue to follow the wrestling product closely, I just not only become more and more frustrated by the WWE week, but more importantly . . . concerned. The professional wrestling business is truly getting to the point that I honestly don€™t know if it€™s ever going to be good again. If it is---some drastic changes need to start happening, and I€™m just not seeing any movement in that direction. No, what I€™m basically seeing is the same old presentation of the product that we€™ve seen post Attitude Era for almost the last 15 years. Why may the wrestling business never be good again? Read on for the answers.

10. The Mid Card Is Dead

From experience, it is safe to say that those generally in charge only care about one thing when it comes to talent, and that€™s their money-makers up top. This goes all the way back to my experiences with Vince McMahon who only really cared about what The Rock, or Stone Cold were doing every week during the Attitude Era. During that time it was Ed Ferrara and I who filled in the blanks. Our philosophy was that if you€™re a name on the roster then you earned that spot and it€™s up to US to get you over. We took great pride in writing for the mid-card talent, and with the more talent you got over---the more you had a chance of growing your audience. Why? Because, in the eyes of the viewer now EVERYBODY is a star. I may not like John Cena, but I sure as hell am going to tune into see that Dolph Ziggler.
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