Vince Russo's 10 Reasons WWE Will Never Be Great Again

9. Too Many Employed Who Are Going Through The Motions

I may catch a lot of heat for this, but at this point with the wrestling business being where it is---I simply don€™t care. As I watch wrestling today the one thing that flat out head butts me is the lack of passion that is coming through my plasma screen every week. ASIDE for the wrestlers themselves, who DO INDEED bust their butts every week with the exception of only a handful, from the announcers, to the writers, to the producers, to those actual calling the shots€”there is no longer a SENSE OF URGENCY. Those working in these key areas appear to just be fulfilling their job descriptions. There€™s simply no passion. That€™s the way it€™s coming across to me, as somebody who€™s been there and done that and NEVER left anything on the table.
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