Virgil Takes Credit For Hulk Hogan's Career, NWO & Spinaroonie

"I think I made Hulk Hogan's career. Ted Turner and I put together the nWo."

Virgil WWE

In case you missed it, one-time Million Dollar Champion Virgil now has his own mobile game on release. And while discussing the New World Order and promoting said game - Meatsauce Madness - the former nWo member boldly claimed credit for Hulk Hogan's career and the nWo.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc., Virgil proclaimed:

"I think I made Hulk Hogan's career. Ted Turner and I put together the nWo. I got paid all day. I was like a moving reindeer. It was Too Sweet Meatsauce week. Olive Garden gave me a special order with Eric Bischoff because they love me that much. They put out a restraining order on Eric Bischoff because he followed me to Olive Garden. I guess he wanted a bunch more meatsauce or something. He's obsessed with me because I'm the Meatsauce King. I was the original member coming in. It was Hulk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ted DiBiase, myself and X-Pac."

During this chat, Virgil also took credit for creating the Spinaroonie - a move that would go onto become synonymous with two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T - while having a dance off with Alex Wright in a parking garage.


Virgil would then round out this memorable interview by discussing Meatsauce Madness and how he's spent hours playing the game. So long, in fact, he has "garlic nipples" and is a "unicorn".

Meatsauce Madness is available now on the Apple App Store.

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