What CRAZY Idea Does Jeff Hardy Have For His WWE Return?

The 'WhyLight Zone', but against whom?

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy told Corey Graves on 'After The Bell' this week that he desperately wants a match with one superstar in particular when he returns to WWE.

It's not Sheamus - it's Bray Wyatt.

Hardy will feud with Sheamus when he makes his proper comeback on next week's episode, but he already has one eye beyond that towards a certain 'Firefly Fun House' host. Jeff doesn't want a standard match either.

He told Graves he's interested in working a cinematic deal with Bray that'd see both plunged into some WWE-ified version of 'The Twilight Zone'. It'd be called 'The WhyLight Zone', and would involve Wyatt taking Jeff underneath the ring to reveal a secret dimension.

When he came to, Hardy would find himself standing next to a black and white TV set inside the 'Fun House'. This all sounds a hell of a lot like something WWE would be interested in if these empty arena shows continue; more cinematic-style showpieces are coming, and Jeff wants in on the action.

Would you like to see Hardy pivot from his feud with Sheamus into one against Bray Wyatt?

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