What Does AEW's Jim Ross REALLY Think Of Roman Reigns' WWE Heel Turn?

The legend speaks on WWE's 'Big Dog'...

AEW announcer Jim Ross recently discussed Roman Reigns' new WWE heel turn on an episode of his popular 'Grilling JR' podcast.

The commentary great was asked his thoughts on the move by co-host Conrad Thompson, and that led to some interesting comments about Roman's history in the company. According to JR, this new direction "seems like it's a fit" for Reigns.

Ross believes WWE finally has a "fighting chance to get Roman over as a viable something". Crucially, he also thinks clear presentation is key to Reigns' long-term success in the role.


JR sees it as a major positive that WWE haven't kept fans in the dark over whether or not Roman is actually playing heel. "It's not, 'Is he a tweener? Is he a fan favourite? Is he a villain?' We know pretty much what he’s going to be with Heyman", Ross said.

Ross thinks this heel turn has real promise if WWE continue down the path they're on. He's optimistic that Reigns will get over properly if they don't get cold feet when fans return to buildings and turn him into a 'babyface who gets booed' again.

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