What Hangman Page Thinks Of CM Punk Botching The Buckshot Lariat

'Hangman' Adam Page on CM Punk's Buckshot Lariat botches in AEW.

Hangman Page CM Punk

'Hangman' Adam Page isn't surprised that CM Punk hasn't yet hit a Buckshot Lariat successfully.

Punk has attempted to nail Page with his own finishing move on two separate occasions, falling short each time. This last happened at Double Or Nothing 2022, where Punk tried to go for the move on 'Hangman' during their AEW World Championship match, only to slip.

Interviewed by Wrestling Inc., Page said that Punk's pair of Buckshot botches made him feel good about himself, as the Lariat isn't easy to perform:-

“It made me feel better about myself that I can do it, I know that. Grabbing the ropes and flipping over like that and landing on your feet and hitting the guy in the face is hard on any day at any time, much less, you know, 20 minutes into a match, and I think that made me have a little more appreciation and pride in the ability to do it."

Continuing, 'Hangman' stated that he wasn't surprised by the situation as he, unlike Punk, has had time to practice the move over and over. Page also acknowledged that his version of his rival's Go To Sleep wasn't the smoothest thing he'd ever hit either:-

“It doesn’t surprise me that he couldn’t do it, and that’s not a knock on him because it’s a tough-ass thing to do, and it’s something I’ve done for a long time. I’ve had time to sharpen it, he hasn’t. So, I don’t know that I have the best Go To Sleep in the world either, certainly not as good as his because he beat my ass with it.”

Punk is currently on the shelf after a post-Double Or Nothing injury necessitated surgery (and time on the sidelines), but he hasn't been stripped of the World Championship he defeated Page for. Jon Moxley currently reigns as Interim AEW World Champion, keeping that strap warm until Punk returns, when the duo will unify the straps.

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