What Happened After WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Went Off The Air? (VIDEO)

Victorious Cody Rhodes cuts triumphant post-PLE promo after Hell In A Cell win over Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes cut a characteristically impassioned promo after last night's WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 show ended, confirming that the decision to wrestle Seth Rollins despite suffering from a torn pectoral muscle was entirely his own.

Fightful reported that Rhodes had "insisted" on competing at Hell In A Cell prior to the event. Cody effectively confirmed this when addressing the live crowd, suggesting that he'll have more news on tonight's episode of Raw.

Here's what the main event winner had to say:-

"I am sure that I am gonna explain things a little further tomorrow and I will be very brief. No one convinced me, with a torn pec, to come out here. It is solely my decision. You would have had to have literally killed me from staying away from this ring. Ten times out of ten, I would have made the same decision... going on last, Allstate Arena, in Chicago, you paid your money! You guys have believed in me and you didn't have to. Please know that from the bottom of my heart, I believe in you, we are going to finish this thing. Thank you all very much, have a great night, and I love you! Thank you."

Thanks to Connor Gillaspia for sending us the following footage of Rhodes' promo:-

WWE is yet to formally announce Rhodes for Raw. How long his pectoral muscle will leave him sidelined remains uncertain, though Cody has understandably drawn immense praise for working through the pain, despite the potential long-term ramifications.

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