Which One Off WWE Mega-Match Was Supposed To Happen THREE Times?

Vince McMahon got cold feet...


Bruce Prichard said on a recent episode of his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast that Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels were supposed to wrestle three times in 2005.

SummerSlam '05 was only supposed to be the starting point.

Hogan and Michaels did have their showdown in August, but were meant to keep going into Survivor Series; that pay-per-view was going to be the blow off for their feud, meaning they would've had to work another match at Unforgiven, No Mercy or Taboo Tuesday in between.


One of them, according to Prichard, was going to be inside a cage. Both guys were reportedly keen on the series, and Shawn was happy at the thought of getting his win back before ultimately putting Hulk over in November.

Vince McMahon pulled the plug.


The boss wasn't so sure that a three-match series was something fans would want to see. Vince was worried that people would get bored of Hogan vs. Michaels by the time Survivor Series came along, so he changed direction and cancelled any follow up.

Hulk ended up leaving the company shortly after SummerSlam and didn't return until the next year.

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