Which WWE Star Has Been A Mentor To NXT's Adam Cole?

It's not Shawn Michaels...


Former NXT Champ Adam Cole told BT Sport that Kevin Owens has been a mentor to him since he signed with WWE.

In fact, KO was a mentor of sorts to Cole before he reached WWE; Owens took Cole under his wing in PWG and continued helping him when they were both working for ROH. That hasn't changed now they're established WWE stars.

Cole did joke that he's "bitter" about Owens showing up as part of Tommaso Ciampa's team at NXT TakeOver: WarGames last year, but got serious when he complimented KO as someone who continues to fly the flag for independent wrestling on the biggest stage.


The longest reigning NXT Champion in brand history, who recently dropped the belt to Keith Lee, also said that KO will never take credit for helping Cole or anyone else learn what it means to be a top player in the pro wrestling biz. "That's just the type of guy he is", the Undisputed Era's leader added.

There's talk Cole will end up on Raw or SmackDown soon. Most fans seem to believe that an impending brand switch is why he lost the NXT Title to Lee.

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