Which WWE Star Says He's Returning As "Best Version" Of Himself?

This returning WWE star says fans will see the "best version" of him soon.

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal will appear on today's Superstar Spectacle broadcast on WWE Network. That pre-taped six-man tag marks Mahal's first match since beating Akira Tozawa on the 22 May 2020 episode of Main Event.

The 'Modern Day Maharaja' has been benched with a serious knee injury (one that required multiple surgeries) since then, but he's eager to make a splash upon his full-time return. In fact, Jinder told Firstpost that fans will see the "best version" of him this time round.

Mahal did also say that he needs to be more careful with his body now he's 34 years old, but added that he's "more motivated" than ever before to do great things. Do not be surprised if WWE jump headfirst a long-rumoured feud with former 3MB partner Drew McIntyre - that kind of match could be perfect for the upcoming Elimination Chamber or Fastlane pay-per-views before WrestleMania 37.


Jinder described his injury lay off as "very tough". He said it hurt more because he had never really been injured before, and that it took him some time to adjust to life off the road. Now, he's keen to get going again.

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