Which WWE Star Wants Kurt Angle On Raw Underground?

It'd be one hell of a fight...

WWE's Dolph Ziggler has revealed on social media that he'd love to work a scripted fight scene with company icon Kurt Angle on Raw Underground.

Ziggler posted a picture of he and Angle working a match during WWE's World Cup at Crown Jewel 2018 in Saudi Arabia on Twitter, and included the caption, "1 of the best to ever do it! I think we deserve a rematch one of these days, Kurt. #rawunderground".

There's no doubt that pairing deserved better than some eight minute quarter final tourney bout on a card few were all that interested in, but the ship might have sailed for Kurt. He was handed one of the least-impressive in-ring retirements in recent memory against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 last year, and was then released from his backstage role as a producer in April 2020.


Now, the former Olympian is focusing on his nutrition business away from wrestling.

It's unlikely that WWE would show any interest in bringing Angle back as a worker at this point. They made it clear that his days were numbered in 2019 and then unceremoniously dumped him earlier this year.


Ziggler's request is surely a pipe dream.

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