Which WWE Stars And Legends Appeared On SmackDown's ThunderDome Screens?

Some special names were watching SmackDown's 'season premiere'...

Ric Flair WWE ThunderDome

Low-key cameos can be the best kind of cameos.

WWE wheeled out some big names for SmackDown's 'season premiere' episode on FOX last night. Several legends and current stars were shown taking in the broadcast via those swish ThunderDome LED screens in the background.

Some of the faces fans spotted on social media included Brie Bella (who must've been proud to see Daniel Bryan make his comeback), Jeff Jarrett, a very happy Ric Flair, Mark Henry and Raw's Keith Lee. It's interesting that Lee seemed to be the only current full-timer who was shown watching from home.


None other than Bill Goldberg also showed up to take in the Universal Title main event between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. Goldberg has started talking online about another WWE run; his scheduled WrestleMania 36 match with Reigns was scrapped mid-pandemic, so there's a solid chance the company want to revisit that one.

That makes sense, and the pair did look like they were building towards something fun before Roman's self-imposed sabbatical due to health concerns. 'Mania 37 anyone? Don't rule it out.


Did you manage to spot any other stars on those ThunderDome screens?

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