Who REALLY Spoke Up At WWE's Backstage Meeting On Monday?

Seth Rollins didn't say a word, but these guys did...

AJ Styles

After a hectic start to the week rife with erroneous reports of backstage rah-rah speeches, Twitter beef, apologies, and retractions, we now know, definitively, that Seth Rollins did not speak up at the locker-room meeting Vince McMahon held to assuage any Crown Jewel-related concerns prior to this week's episode of Raw.

It looks like the former Universal Champion stayed quiet throughout, but Fightful Select are now reporting that a number of other wrestlers did share their thoughts at the gathering.

Per Fightful's sources, Dave Meltzer's report that AJ Styles and Rusev spoke up was accurate, with Sean Ross Sapp confirming that Karl Anderson got involved as well.


"AJ, Rusev, and Karl spoke up," said the source. "Seth didn’t say anything, neither did Randy. Joke, or otherwise. Nothing TO say lol. We were told everything out there was rumors."

Rollins issued a statement to Fightful denying that he spoke at the meeting earlier this week. The outlet notes that the above quote isn't from him, with the information coming from a different anonymous source.


The aforementioned names seemingly made their voices heard when McMahon fielded questions, though there's no word on what, exactly, they said.

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