Why Did Shawn Michaels 'Dress Down' The Rock Backstage In WWE?

Bret Hart recalled the story on his latest podcast...

Bret Hart recently told a fascinating backstage story about Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Rock on an episode of his 'Confessions Of The Hitman' podcast.

The legend recalled being in the locker room when Shawn and Hunter barged in to confront a shocked Rocky Maivia about some of the things he was doing during his early WWE matches. This incident happened in 1997, mere months before Bret left for WCW.

According to Hart, Michaels was particularly rough on a young Rocky. He "chewed him out" and "dressed him down" for daring to perform a dropkick from the top rope - HBK said that was his spot, and warned he didn't want to see The Rock do it ever again.


When the pair left, Rocky was "deflated" and needed someone to comfort him. Bret stepped in to say the lecture was "total bullsh*t". He pointed out that his brother Owen regularly used a top rope dropkick during matches, but that Shawn wouldn't dare say anything to him.

"They're just busting your chops and trying to work you", he told the concerned Maivia.


Kid did alright for himself once Bret left...

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